Frank Leahy Art & Photography is pleased to present a fascinating collection of images from a yearly ice bench experiment. Emotionally diverse in nature, the mood of the ice changes as it adapts to it's environment and eventually melts into nothingness. Using his camera Frank literally embraces the bench, reaching into every crevice, searching for composition, light and color. At -10f with gloves off he practices body control trying to avoid the inevitable shivering, slipping and shaking. In the deepest of winter, you'll find him, day and night, in the front yard as he takes advantage of lighting changes during the day and artificial sources at night. When he can't stand the cold anymore he'll come inside and warm up,  downloading the images so he can have some immediate feedback. Like an art marathon once started, the ice bench demands continuous attention and monitoring. On a cold cloudy day the pace slows a bit, add the sun and the change speeds up, so he must act fast to capture the changes. He literally makes something out of nothing and is happy with this clutter free approach to art and sculpture. The images then live on the internet creating a legacy. Frank is currently exploring professional representation for his work and can be reached at





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