I have traveled in Hokkaido before.

I have traveled in Hokkaido before. At that time I felt that ""Hokkaido"" would be nice if I live away from birthplace. Because it was a tour, sightseeing spots went from place to place. As I went in winter, I was surprised to hear that thin ice was made in the windows of the bus despite heating. Truly Hokkaido. Because the land is wide, it took quite a while to move. It was fun going around various sightseeing spots, but better than that, I went to eat the shop where local people are going. I was walking every night from ramen shop to snack. I ate delicious food from Hokkaido. Potatoes were great. Why did I think ""Hokkaido if you live""? It is the other snack I went in Hakodate and Sapporo, but the people were warm. I did not feel like being the first time, I drank and sang in local community where I came. Although I went to winter, I would like to visit Hokkaido in spring and summer.