I have been to Hokkaido twice before.

I have been to Hokkaido twice before. I went to different places, but different ways of enjoying each other were made. The first Hokkaido is Otaru, Hakodate, Sapporo, 3 cities. Among them, the night view of Hakodate is famous for the three major nightscapes, but it was also a beautiful night view that was convincing. I wanted to see it forever, but I was sorry that it was only a few tens of minutes I could see it with a great guy. Moreover, the Otaru Canal was able to taste a nostalgic atmosphere somewhere in the scenery full of emotions. The second trip was a tour to see that famous Asahiyama zoo and ice floes. The animals at the Asahiyama Zoo were pretty cute and it was funny. I was satisfied very much because I could see a penguin walk. Again, it is a place I want to relax. The drift ice is on the boat called the Aurora, but you can not see it is said to be lucky. Fortunately, we were lucky, so we were able to see lots of drift ice. However, it seems that the number of drift ice that is pouring year by year is decreasing, so it seems better to see it while seeing it. Hokkaido is divided into Higashi, Donan, Northeast, and Nishi, and the guide says that the scenery is different every season. In order to know all of Hokkaido it seems I do not know until 4 x 4 = 16 times. Why do not you all go to Hokkaido with a different face depending on the season? I have to go 14 times yet