I have been to Hokkaido three times.

I have been to Hokkaido three times. The story of this time is a story about a trip in Northeast that I visited the first time. Lovender's beautiful Furano and Otaru in the beautiful town of the glasses shop are also good, but it's too generic to be interesting, is not it? I am the most impressed by this trip, Shiretoko just before closing in winter. I am going by bus, going on a very lonely road. Before I traveled, suddenly I was brought to partner, I was regaining my energy a little while on a trip with my father who happened to travel. But, while I was watching the scene of Shiretoko, my feelings somehow matched my current feeling quietly, I almost cried. Very [nature] Shiretoko came in inside of me, I was about to cry. But it was cold, my father was there, and I could not have watched the scenery for a long time. Arriving at the hotel, I mailed that feeling to myself and posted it. Even now I have not opened that letter, but I feel that the scene of Shiretoko sucked up my sorrow.