Last year, I went to Hokkaido with my family.

Last year, I went to Hokkaido with my family. We decided to bring out what we want to do one by one for each of the three families and make it come true. Mom is an outlet mall Shopping daughter visits Asahiyama zoo And I am eating delicious Genghis Khan. Once the destination is decided, we decide the schedule and start the family original tower. First time was too early to the outlet mall and it was still before opening. Waiting while eating breakfast in the vicinity 30 minutes finally open! Because it was not crowded yet, it was smoothly moving smoothly, and it was going well! Next I headed to Okurayama where the Sapporo Olympic Games were held The top of the jumping base was surprisingly expensive than I thought. Enjoy Sapporo ramen on the way home! The next day from the morning to the Asahiyama zoo as it rumored to be, or in a more enjoyable space I became crazy. And, it is ""delicious Genghis Khan"" waited for in a while. good! delicious! Umm! Perhaps the atmosphere around me was also a part, but there was no smell and it was very delicious. If this is the case, you can also eat tomorrow! Is it? Satisfied, satisfied with that feeling! In this way, our trips will bring us the things we want to go and we will decide the tower. Even such an original trip can be enjoyed by everyone and the memories will be doubled!